emost Partner

Become a service partner with first-class products

emost Partner

Become a service partner with first-class products

Become an emost partner and shape the future of energy supply!

Success Stories

Success stories from existing partners and customers can help gain the trust of potential partners. Show how emost products have already helped others achieve their goals.
By integrating these points, you can highlight the versatility and value of a partnership with emost even more clearly and further increase the interest of potential partners.

A Swiss company – your local connection

emost is your local partner in Switzerland who understands your needs and works with you to drive the energy transition. Our products are designed and tested in Switzerland. Join our network to help shape the future of energy supply and grow your business.

Proven performance – No empty promises

emost is not a company that relies on marketing gimmicks. We deliver, and on a large scale. Our products are proven and produced in large quantities. With us, you actually get what you need – a reliable, working solution.

Low entry barriers – High earnings opportunities

The minimum purchase quantity of only 5 products allows you to build your business gradually and minimize risks. At the same time, significant revenue opportunities open up for you. Let’s work together to increase your profit margins.

Marketing support

As an emost partner, you have access to marketing materials and resources to support the distribution of your products. We provide tools to reach your target audience and promote your business.

Knowledge is power – Our training courses

Our partners are trained and introduced by emost so that they can not only sell products but also provide first-class service. We support you in becoming an expert in the energy industry.

Long-term partnership

At emost, we value long-term partnerships. We are focused on growing together with our partners and ensuring long-term success.

Global network

With emost as your partner, you become part of a global network of companies offering sustainable energy solutions. Take advantage of the opportunity to share experiences and collaborate with companies around the world.

Flexibility in product selection

emost offers a wide range of products that can be adapted to different applications and markets. Choose from our range the products that best suit your business.

Technical support and resources

At emost, you get not only products, but also comprehensive technical support and resources. Our dedicated team is here to help you with technical questions and challenges.

No exclusivity – everyone has a chance

At the moment we offer all interested parties the opportunity to become a service partner. There are no exclusive contracts, so you can join us without restrictions.

Support with certifications and approvals

We can help you navigate the bureaucratic process often associated with new products and markets. emost supports you in obtaining the necessary certifications and approvals.

Our offer – your brand, your products

Learn how you can benefit from our white label option. With emost you can distribute our proven products under your own brand name and logo. We offer you the flexibility to integrate your branding while benefiting from our proven technology.

Wide range of applications

emost products are used in a variety of industries, including construction sites, events, film productions, emergency operations, and yours! The wide range of applications opens up a variety of business opportunities for service partners.

Become a partner now!