Butler replaces diesel generator and enables construction site operation at night in Zurich

Success story of Energie 360° and emost

Beautiful. Clean. Quiet.

Butler S in Zurich’s nightlife

Last night, on the construction site at the Waffenplatz in Zurich, our emost Butler S once again proved its outstanding performance. As a mobile power source, it was convincing in an environment that demanded both silence and efficiency.

Despite its maximum performance, the Butler S was remarkably quiet, even impressing the noise police. This mission is a living example of how technology and sustainability can go hand in hand to bring about positive change.

We are proud to be working with Energie 360° to help reduce noise and emissions in Zurich. The emost Butler S is an integral part of our mission to make cities quieter and more environmentally friendly.

With our commitment to innovation and environmental protection, we remain on course to achieve our goals and create a more positive future for all.

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