DB mindbox and emost: sustainable power supply

Start of the “Proof of Concept” phase

A step towards sustainable mobility with Deutsche Bahn

DB mindbox deploys Butler

emost is pleased to announce the successful start of the proof of concept phase in cooperation with DB mindbox and DB InfraGO. This phase marks an important milestone in the development of sustainable and mobile power supply solutions.

The Proof of Concept phase between emost, DB mindbox and DB InfraGO is part of a 100-day program that offers startups the opportunity to test and further develop their solutions within the DB Group. In a project on the outskirts of Berlin, the emost Butler S was able to supply important DB InfraGO infrastructure facilities, including a GSMR mast, with power autonomously.

About DB InfraGO AG: Responsibility for a safe mobility infrastructure

DB InfraGO AG, a non-profit infrastructure company of Deutsche Bahn AG, is responsible for Deutsche Bahn’s extensive rail network, including all facilities and stations required for operations. The successful collaboration with emost demonstrates DB InfraGO’s commitment to innovative solutions in the field of sustainable mobility.

Insight into the DB Mindbox start-up program: promoting innovation in the mobility industry

DB Mindbox is a startup accelerator program that connects startups with Deutsche Bahn and promotes innovation in the mobility industry. The partnership with emost is an example of how joint efforts to develop sustainable technologies can shape the future of mobility.

emost is proud to be part of this exciting project and will continue to work on innovative solutions for sustainable mobility. Stay tuned for more updates on our collaboration with Deutsche Bahn! ­čîÉ­čĺí