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Electrical power supply in tunnel construction

Away from the diesel generator with emost

Electrical power supply in tunnel construction

Away from the diesel generator with emost

Save costs, increase employee health and productivity

Your construction project, our solution: emost Butler for tunnel construction

Tunnel construction companies are faced with the challenge of providing a reliable and flexible energy supply for their construction sites, regardless of the space conditions and connection options on site. The emost Butler offers just that: a mobile and powerful solution that enables tunnel construction companies to make their projects more efficient and cost-effective. With its ability to handle heavy loads and adapt to changing requirements, the Butler is the ideal choice for tunnel construction.

Tunnel construction without a grid connection: the Butler from emost makes it possible!

When renovating tunnels, space and infrastructure are difficult, especially during ongoing operations. To power the continuously moving works, diesel generators are often used for lighting, mixers, concrete pumps, ventilation systems and other equipment. Many of these machines require a substantial power supply and may require a fuse rating of 63A or even 125A.

The emost Butler S and M are perfect for tough use in such environments. With a fuse rating of up to 63A (Butler S) or 125A (Butler M), they can also reliably supply power to demanding machines in tunnel construction. In addition, the Butler models solve the problem of high leakage currents, which is particularly important in environments with powerful electrical installations.

Thanks to their performance and reliability, emost Butlers are the ideal solution for use on tunnel construction sites, where a reliable and safe power supply is essential.

Butler S 50/25

The emost Butler S is a compact energy storage system with a rated output of 50 kVA and a battery capacity of 25 kWh. Ideal for versatile applications such as construction sites, events and temporary use. The Butler S offers emission-free, quiet and reliable energy without fuel consumption.

The most important key figures

  • Charging time (full charge): < 4.5h

  • Weight: 660 kg (excl. trailer)

  • (L x W x H): 1480 x 820 x 1105 mm

  • Optional connection: CEE 63A 400V

Optional features

  • emost trailer

Butler M 150/150

If your requirements are greater, we recommend the emost Butler M. With a rated output of 150 kVA and a battery capacity of 150 kWh, it is the ideal choice for larger systems and industrial applications. The Butler M impresses with its emission-free and noiseless operation.

The most important key figures

  • Charging time (full charge): < 4.5h

  • Weight: < 3.000 Kg (excl. trailer)

  • (L x W x H): 2500 x 1120 x 1650 mm

  • Optional connection: CEE 125A 400V

Optional features

  • emost trailer

Benefits for the health and productivity of your employees

The use of heavy machinery on tunnel construction sites is often associated with a high level of exhaust emissions and noise pollution, which can endanger the health of employees and hinder teamwork to the highest degree.

With the emost Butler as a reliable energy source, these problems can be significantly reduced. As the Butler is emission-free and quiet in operation, it not only improves working conditions on site, but also helps to reduce the environmental impact, which will please your marketing department. Depending on the work being carried out, employees can work without hearing protection and masks, which not only promotes their health and safety, but has also been proven to increase productivity.

The emost Butler therefore offers a clear advantage for tunnel construction companies, not only by providing a reliable power supply, but also by helping to improve working conditions.


Free of permits for rapid mobilization with fast transport and easy operation


Work without noise pollution, which improves communication and safety.


Save immense costs and time compared to diesel generators and temporary grids.


You always get the right amount of power without wasting valuable energy.


Eliminates exhaust fumes, which promotes health and reduces ventilation requirements.


Unlike diesel power generators, the emost Butler produces no harmful emissions.


Get started on your construction site immediately without having to wait for permits and energy.


The emost Butler provides you with continuous power supply, without fuel consumption or noise pollution.

Success stories of our customers

Discover how the emost Butler S was used in tunnel construction and mastered the challenges of tunnel renovation on Lake Brienz. Find out how our innovative solution not only improves workers’ working conditions, but also becomes a green alternative to diesel generators. Download our case study now and see the benefits of the emost Butler S for yourself.

Without exhaust fumes and noise: working in the tunnel with the Butler.

Here, the Butler S operates a tunnel ventilation system.

The Butler S is also used in track construction.

LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, ISO 14001, ERAS – Achieve your environmental certification more easily with emost!

There are various environmental certificates and certifications for construction sites and developers that promote environmentally friendly construction and sustainable practices. Some well-known environmental certificates are

  1. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design): LEED is a globally recognized certification system for environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings. It evaluates various aspects such as energy efficiency, use of water resources, choice of materials, indoor air quality and choice of location.
  2. BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method): BREEAM is a similar certification system to LEED and assesses the environmental performance of buildings on the basis of various criteria. It is often used in Europe.
  3. DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council): The DGNB awards certificates for sustainable buildings, taking into account ecological, economic, social and functional aspects. It is widespread in Germany.
  4. ISO 14001: ISO 14001 is an international standard for environmental management systems that helps organizations improve environmental performance, reduce environmental impacts and comply with legal obligations.
  5. EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme): EMAS is a voluntary environmental management system that helps companies to continuously improve their environmental performance and communicate it transparently.

These certifications and environmental certificates help construction companies and property developers to minimize their environmental impact and implement sustainable construction projects.

With emost Butler, construction companies can simplify and accelerate their environmental certification. By using the Butler, construction sites can be operated more efficiently, leading to a reduction in energy consumption, emissions and waste. This makes it easier for companies to meet the requirements for environmental certificates such as LEED, BREEAM or ISO 14001 and improve their environmental performance.

Plan your next tunnel construction project with a butler now

The emost Butler offers you a revolutionary solution for your power supply on tunnel construction sites and beyond. Thanks to its innovative technology and mobility, the Butler provides a reliable energy supply, regardless of the local conditions. With its unique features such as grid boosting, bypassing leakage current problems and emission-free energy generation, the Butler is the ideal choice for demanding construction projects.

In addition, the Butler not only supports your work processes, but also helps to improve your environmental footprint by reducing exhaust fumes and noise emissions. Its versatility and performance make it an indispensable partner for modern tunnel construction.

Discover the benefits of emost Butler today and get in touch with us. Our team is always available to answer your questions and help you integrate the Butler into your construction projects. Find out how the Butler can optimize your work processes and improve your environmental footprint. Contact us now and benefit from the unique advantages of the emost Butler.

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More about emost Butler

DB mindbox and emost: sustainable power supply

emost is delighted about the successful start of the proof of concept phase with DB mindbox and DB InfraGO. The emost Butler S self-sufficiently supplied a DB InfraGO GSMR mast on the outskirts of Berlin with electricity. This collaboration marks an important step towards sustainable mobility and innovation in the mobility industry. Stay tuned for further updates!

Butler replaces diesel generator and enables construction site operation at night in Zurich

During the night on a construction site at the Waffenplatz in Zurich, the emost Butler S impressed with its quiet and efficient energy supply. Despite maximum power, it hardly made any noise, which even attracted the attention of the noise police.

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