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2nd place in the pitching competition

emost in the fast lane: 2nd place in the pitching competition

Thank you for this shining moment

At emost we are speechless, moved and thrilled – we won 2nd place in this year’s pitching competition! The news hit us like a bolt of lightning and we can’t help but beam and be proud. This is a moment for us to pause and thank all those who have supported us on this exciting journey.

Our loyal partners:

We would not like to forget to mention our loyal partners who have accompanied us through thick and thin. Without their support and unwavering belief in our vision, this success would not have been possible. Many thanks to Pascal Stuerchler from Bloomhaus Ventures AG and Christoph Sutter, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, for their remarkable support.

The passionate energy of Benedikt Domke:

Our CEO, Benedikt Domke, was the heart and soul of our team during the competition. His passion and unwavering commitment are what drives us. On stage, he ignited the sparks of innovation and shared the message of clean and quiet energy.

Our mission: CO2 reduction:

At emost, reducing CO2 emissions is at the heart of everything we do. Our quiet generators are key to sustainably reducing environmental impact. Second place in the pitching competition is clear confirmation that we are on the right track.

The fresh energy of Donald Monson:

Our new CFO, Donald Monson, is full of drive and commitment. He has integrated seamlessly into our team and made his contribution to our success.

Our future:

This second place is a milestone in our journey and we are incredibly excited about what lies ahead. We are proud of what we have achieved and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. Our thanks go to everyone who made this success possible.

The world of energy supply is facing exciting changes and we are determined to play our part. This is just the beginning and we can hardly wait to continue our journey.