emost – real experience

Festival or construction site – we supply the energy

emost – real experience

Festival or construction site – we supply the energy

Anyone can have beautiful pictures. We have real ones!

How it all began…our timeline

The idea for the emost (electric mobile storage) project arose in 2017 during a workshop held by Axpo’s Renewable Energies Division at the Albert-Heim Hütte in Switzerland. The goal of the project was to replace diesel generators in various industries, including construction, events, and the film industry. After the successful onboarding of several service and sales partners, the project was brought into emost AG in 2022. An independent company established to enable rapid growth throughout Europe.

Field test summer 2018

Butler S – 3rd generation
Summer 2020

4th generation 2021

Series status – 2023

Continuous expansion of the areas of application

The emost Butler’s field of application has continuously expanded over time, and today it finds diverse applications in different industries and scenarios. Here are some of the main areas of application:

The emost Butler’s field of application has continuously expanded over time, and today it finds diverse applications in different industries and scenarios. Here are some of the main areas of application:

  • Construction sites: The emost Butler provides reliable power supply on construction sites, independent of the availability of conventional power sources. This increases efficiency and mobility on construction projects.

  • Temporary Facilities: Whether temporary offices, event tents or construction site storage, the emost Butler provides a mobile power solution needed anywhere.

  • Transportation (Transportation): The Butler can be used in transportation vehicles to provide mobile power for vehicles or charging operations, which is especially useful when electric vehicles need to be charged.

  • Emergency power supply: In emergencies, whether natural disasters or situations where the grid fails, the emost Butler can provide critical power.

  • Film and TV production: The entertainment industry uses the emost Butler to provide reliable power for filming at various locations.

  • Event industry: Concerts, fairs, festivals and other events require a reliable power supply. The emost Butler provides portable power for venues.

  • Relief Operations: In disaster areas or humanitarian relief operations, the Butler provides a fast and effective way to deliver power to provide needed assistance.

  • Agriculture: In agriculture, the emost Butler can be used in remote areas or fields to provide power for agricultural equipment or irrigation systems.

  • Urban and communal services: For maintenance work in urban areas or non-profit projects, Butler can provide power.

  • Gardening and Landscaping: For nurseries and landscapers, the Butler provides a mobile power source for running tools and equipment outdoors.

emost in use

Field report by Markus K.:
“The emost Butler S has revolutionized our construction projects. As a contractor, I was skeptical at first, but after we used it on several construction sites, I am completely convinced. No noise, no exhaust fumes and always a reliable power supply – these are just some of the benefits. Our workers appreciate the quiet working environment, and I appreciate the cost savings from not having to use diesel fuel. The emost Butler S has not only minimized our environmental impact, but also increased our efficiency. It is a gamechanger for our industry and has established itself as an indispensable tool on our jobsites. Thank you, emost, for this innovative solution!”

Field report: The emost Butler S and the Monotrac from novaziun

As a farmer, I was looking for a reliable energy solution for my Monotrac from novaziun. The emost Butler S has proven to be the perfect answer to my needs. With its impressive power, it provides a fast and reliable power supply for my electric tractor, even in remote rural areas. Its mobility and environmental friendliness make it an ideal solution for agriculture. Thanks to the Butler, I can run my agricultural machinery smoothly and sustainably. This innovative technology has greatly improved my work as a farmer. Many thanks to emost and novaziun for this innovative solution!

Field report: The emost Butler S in the residential area

We are successfully using the emost Butler S in a residential area where strict noise regulations and lack of 63A/400V connections are a challenge. This mobile battery generator supplies our mobile crane reliably and quietly. With 25 kWh capacity, it provides a full workday of energy in stand-alone mode. The Butler S not only meets residential codes, but provides a sustainable and reliable power supply. This solution has exceeded our expectations and contributes significantly to the sustainability of our projects. We are thrilled with the performance of the Butler S and look forward to more successful deployments!

Field report by Petra S.:
“Mobility and flexibility are crucial for us on construction sites. The emost Butler S has given us exactly that. We can easily transport it from site to site, which makes the work of our construction project teams much easier. Whether we are working in remote locations or need temporary power, the emost Butler S is always at our disposal. The fact that we no longer have to worry about fuel procurement and exhaust fumes is a big bonus. We are very happy with the performance and flexibility of the emost Butler S.”

Field report: The emost Butler S in use for cherry pickers and more

The emost Butler S, with its impressive 25 kWh capacity and 50 kVA output (75 kVA at peak), has proven to be a reliable power source for a 26-ton cherry picker. But not only that – it also supplied a high-pressure cleaner and an osmosis system with pump for cleaning facades. The compact Butler S successfully replaced the diesel generator and eliminated the need for additional power from the building. This quiet helper in the background enables our customers to carry out their work efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. We are proud of this sustainable solution and look forward to further successful projects!

Field report: The emost Butler S in use at JoLa Rent – A complete success!

As an employee at JoLa Rent, I can report with great enthusiasm how successfully the emost Butler S has been integrated into our film and TV equipment inventory. It not only supplied a wide range of vehicles for make-up and wardrobe, but also our generators, mobile WC units, Sprinter vehicles and the diverse needs of our film crew. It doesn’t matter whether it was actor accommodations, team bases of various sizes, or special vehicles such as drinking water and sewage trucks, showers, and mobile road heaters – the Butler S proved itself in every situation. We appreciate the innovative solution that the Butler S represents for the film and TV industry and look forward to a long-term partnership with emost.

An unforgettable event:

When I came to this particular event at the nature preserve, I didn’t know about emost and their mobile batteries. It sounded almost too good to be true: a celebration with 200 guests in the middle of nature, away from any conventional power sources. How should this work?

But when the event started and I saw the stage lights, the refrigerators, and even the cozy radiant heaters powered by these quiet, eco-friendly batteries from emost, I was simply amazed. The fact that we could celebrate in the middle of nature, without noise, without stench and especially without the usual diesel generators, was impressive.

The autumn sunshine did its part to lift the spirits, but the real wonder was the clean energy delivered by these emost BUTLER S units. Not only was it a great celebration, but it was an eye-opener for me – proof that green energy for events is possible. From now on, I will certainly think of emost when I think of sustainable events.

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