Power supply for cranes

emost Butler supplies up to 150 kVA

Power supply for cranes

emost Butler supplies up to 150 kVA

63 A or 125 A connection for your construction site

Your construction project, our solution: emost Butler for trouble-free crane work!

You know the dilemma: Your construction site is ready, your crane is standing by, but the bureaucratic hurdles for the grid connection are thwarting your plans. Instead of concentrating on your actual project, you spend valuable time dealing with approvals and network operators.

The good news is that we understand your problem, which is why we are proud to present our new mobile battery storage system, the emost Butler, in two versions. Specially developed for the needs of cranes, the Butler offers flexible solutions for your challenges:

Discover the freedom to tackle your construction project without the shackles of grid connections. The Butler from emost makes it possible!

Butler S 50/25

The emost Butler S is a compact energy storage system with a rated output of 50 kVA and a battery capacity of 25 kWh. Ideal for versatile applications such as construction sites, events and temporary use. The Butler S offers emission-free, quiet and reliable energy without fuel consumption.

The most important key figures

  • Charging time (full charge): < 4.5h

  • Weight: 660 kg (excl. trailer)

  • (L x W x H): 1480 x 820 x 1105 mm

  • Optional connection: CEE 63A 400V

Optional features

  • emost trailer

Butler M 150/150

If your requirements are greater, we recommend the emost Butler M. With a rated output of 150 kVA and a battery capacity of 150 kWh, it is the ideal choice for larger systems and industrial applications. The Butler M impresses with its emission-free and noiseless operation.

The most important key figures

  • Charging time (full charge): < 4.5h

  • Weight: < 3.000 Kg (excl. trailer)

  • (L x W x H): 2500 x 1120 x 1650 mm

  • Optional connection: CEE 125A 400V

Optional features

  • emost trailer

Mobile power supply for tower cranes, mobile cranes, gantry cranes or telescopic cranes

The Butler from emost is more than just a power storage unit – it is your reliable partner on the construction site. Innovatively designed to provide cranes and construction machinery with the energy they need, the Butler offers maximum flexibility. Its intelligent technology ensures an efficient power supply, whether by boosting weak grids, bypassing leakage current problems or working autonomously without a mains connection. Compact, powerful and easy to operate, the emost Butler is the answer to the challenges of modern construction projects.


Unlike diesel power generators, the emost Butler produces no harmful emissions.


With its advanced battery technology, it enables clean and sustainable energy use.


Get started on your construction site immediately without having to wait for permits and energy.


The emost Butler provides you with continuous power supply, without fuel consumption or noise pollution.


Save immense connection costs for your construction site with a butler from emost.


You always get the right amount of power without wasting valuable energy.


Free of permits for rapid mobilization with fast transport and easy operation


Work relaxed in silence or even at night.

Here the Butler S is operating a Liebherr MK 110. Without any problems.

The Liebherr 125 K also works with the Butler S.

The little Butler S even manages the Liebherr 65 K1.

Operate your crane efficiently with the emost Butler – suitable for 90 % of all construction projects!

Do you operate a crane on a construction site and want to optimize the energy supply? The emost Butler is the ideal solution! With the impressive performance of the Butler M up to 150 kVA, we can say that it can be used in around 90% of all small and medium-sized construction projects with crane applications.

Instead of struggling with the challenges of conventional building electricity, the Butler offers a flexible, reliable and environmentally friendly power supply. By clarifying your requirements at an early stage, we can tell you exactly whether the Butler M or the more compact Butler S is suitable for your next project.

Plan your next construction project with emost. Simply fill out our form and we will help you find the optimum solution for your power supply. Get ready for efficient energy on your construction site!

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