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Diesel generator is outdated

emost Butler: Mobile power up to 150 KVA: Green, quiet, self-sufficient!

Diesel generator is outdated

emost Butler: Mobile power up to 150 KVA: Green, quiet, self-sufficient!

Emission-free energy at any location

Your partner for industrial electricity off the grid

Electricity is the lifeblood of numerous companies, construction projects and events. But we understand that the need goes beyond the everyday. Perhaps you need quiet and clean electricity in enclosed spaces. Or you are in a place with a weak network connection that urgently needs a boost. Your old diesel generator may have driven up maintenance and operating costs. And the electricians who set up your construction projects, events and special applications are expensive.

We at emost understand these challenges. Our aim is to provide customized, reliable and cost-effective energy solutions that meet your exact needs. Welcome to emost – your partner for environmentally friendly and efficient energy solutions that give you the freedom to provide energy in the quantity and quality you need, wherever and whenever you need it.

Why should you choose an emost butler? Quite simple:


Unlike diesel power generators, the emost Butler produces no harmful emissions.

Environmentally friendly

With its advanced battery technology, it enables clean and sustainable energy use.


Rely on performance on construction sites, at events or outdoor activities.


The emost Butler provides you with continuous power supply, without fuel consumption or noise pollution.


The intelligent energy control adapts the power flexibly and optimally to your on-site requirements.


You always get the right amount of power without wasting valuable energy.


Permit-free for rapid site mobilization with trouble-free transport and simple operation


Work relaxed in silence or even at night.

Butler in action
Operating hours
Tons of CO2 saved
Countries with customers

Discover emost Butler – the innovative alternative to diesel power generators

Our Swiss start-up emost proudly presents the emost Butler. With our breakthrough technology, we offer an environmentally friendly and reliable solution to your energy needs. Our goal is to find new trade and service partners who would like to include our emost butlers in their distribution.

emost butler in use

The emost Butler S offers a versatile solution for various applications:


Whether on construction sites or infrastructure projects, the emost Butler S provides reliable, clean power to run construction equipment, lighting systems and other devices without relying on external power sources.

Mobile charging stations

The emost Butler S is ideal for mobile charging stations, whether for car sharing services or e-bike rental stations. It enables an efficient and environmentally friendly power supply that can be flexibly adapted to changing locations.


At festivals and large events, a reliable power supply is essential. The emost Butler S provides a sustainable energy supply for stages, catering areas, information stands and other areas without the environmental impact of diesel generators.

In addition, the emost Butler S also offers a practical solution in other areas such as camping, emergency and disaster relief operations, and temporary construction projects. Discover the multiple uses and performance of the emost Butler S – the innovative energy butler for your needs.

We are emost

Choose emost and benefit from our professional team, outstanding service, highest safety standards and innovative solutions for your energy needs.

What emost customers say

“The emost Butler S has revolutionized our festival power supply. It reliably supplies electricity for our stages, bars and food stands, without disturbing noise and environmentally harmful emissions. With emost, we have found an innovative solution that meets the highest safety standards and enhances the festival experience for our visitors.”

Frida Servage - Festival organizer

“The emost Butler S has become indispensable for our construction sites. It reliably supplies electricity for our machines and lighting systems. We were convinced by emost’s environmentally friendly technology and outstanding service. A smart solution that meets our energy needs efficiently and sustainably.”

Michael Zerk - Construction Project Manager

“With the emost Butler S as a mobile charging station for our e-bikes, we offer our customers an unbeatable service. The flexible application and the high charging power are impressive. Our customers are enthusiastic about the sustainable energy supply and we can rely on emost as a reliable partner.”

Laura Schneider - Car-Sharing Company

Latest News

Immerse yourself in the world of innovation. Here you can learn first-hand about our latest developments, groundbreaking projects and exciting partnerships. Keep your finger on the pulse and discover how we want to shape the future of energy design with you. Click on the latest posts to see our vision in action.

DB mindbox and emost: sustainable power supply

April 5th, 2024|

emost is delighted about the successful start of the proof of concept phase with DB mindbox and DB InfraGO. The emost Butler S self-sufficiently supplied a DB InfraGO GSMR mast on the outskirts of Berlin with electricity. This collaboration marks an important step towards sustainable mobility and innovation in the mobility industry. Stay tuned for further updates!

Butler replaces diesel generator and enables construction site operation at night in Zurich

March 27th, 2024|

During the night on a construction site at the Waffenplatz in Zurich, the emost Butler S impressed with its quiet and efficient energy supply. Despite maximum power, it hardly made any noise, which even attracted the attention of the noise police.

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