emost software

An app for partners and customers

Where and in what condition are your butlers?

All information about your butlers in one app

emost proudly presents its latest innovation: A state-of-the-art software that allows to digitally track all emost Butler charging and status data in real time. This technological advance promises more efficient and transparent energy management for a more sustainable future. Always stay up-to-date with emost!

Location data

The emost app: your tool for predictive power supply

Our emost app is the key to control and efficiency of your mobile power supply. Whether you are a customer or a service partner – with this application you always have an overview.

See in real time where your Butler S systems are and what their charge status is. This information is crucial in order to perfectly plan your power supply. Always know which butler is ready for use and when a charge is needed.

With the emost app, you’re ready to make power supply smart and predictive. Never again will you have to worry about unexpected power outages. Always stay in control and use clean energy where and when you need it.