emost butler

The superior alternative to diesel generators

emost butler

The superior alternative to diesel generators

Do you have a project where you need mobile power?

Mobile power supply – emost Butler

Experience the future of mobile power with our proven products. For years, we have been setting standards across Europe by supplying clean and silent energy independent of the power grid. With emost, you not only get innovative technology, but also the security of a reliable and deliverable energy solution. Simple. Efficient. Sustainable.

Butler S 50/25

The emost Butler S 50/25 offers an impressive mobile power supply with 50 kVA rated power and a battery capacity of 25 kWh, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. The transport of the battery system does not require special permits and approvals...read more

Butler S+ 100/50

emost presents the new Butler S Plus 100/50 – a powerful addition to our proven mobile power solutions, with a rated power of 100 kVA and a generous battery capacity of 50 kWh...read more

Butler M 150/150

The emost Butler M 150/150 provides impressive mobile power with a rated capacity of 150 kVA and a generous battery capacity of 150 kWh to serve demanding applications in diverse industries...read more

emost APP

The emost app provides convenient real-time monitoring and control of your emost Butler units, including location tracking and battery status, to ensure optimal use and planning of your mobile power...read more

Butler S 50/25

Based on lithium-ion cell technology. Designed for use in industry and commerce. Whether indoors or outdoors, for stand-alone operation or in combination with the power grid – the emost Butler S is your solution for mobile power applications.

Transportation of the battery system does not require special permits and approvals (UN 3536 “Lithium-ion batteries in equipment” under 1,000 hazard points). The matching pendant can be supplied.

The most important key figures

  • Charging time (full charge): < 4.5h

  • Weight: 650 kg (excl. trailer)

  • (L x W x H): 1480 x 820 x 1105 mm

Optional features

  • emost pendant

  • Home charging (220 V)

  • Painting in your corporate design

Butler S Plus 100/50

New from emost: The Butler S Plus – Double power for your energy needs!

Look forward to our latest innovation, the Butler S Plus! With a rated capacity of 100 kVA and a battery capacity of 50 kWh, the Butler S Plus offers twice the power of the standard Butler S. It’s ready to meet your biggest power needs, opening up new possibilities for clean, reliable power wherever you need it. Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting addition to our emost product family!

Optional features

  • emost pendant

  • Painting in your corporate design

Butler M 150/150

The Butler M, with its impressive 150 kVA rating and generous 150 kWh battery capacity, offers a particularly powerful mobile power supply, ideal for demanding applications and situations where higher capacity and performance are required, while the Butler S is an excellent solution for versatile applications in a more compact format.

The transport is subject to CoR regulation UN3536. The transport unit must be marked accordingly. The driver must be in possession of a valid CoR certificate. Transport documents and a 2 kg fire extinguisher must be carried.

The most important key figures

  • Charging time (full charge): < 4.5h

  • Weight: > 3.000 Kg (excl. trailer)

  • (L x W x H): 2500 x 1120 x 1650 mm

Optional features

  • emost pendant

  • Painting in your corporate design

emost APP

Get comprehensive visibility into the status of your mobile power solutions with this powerful application. The app provides convenient real-time monitoring and control of your Butler units, so you always know exactly where they are and what their charge status is. Whether you’re deploying your Butler units to construction sites, events, film productions or emergency operations, the emost app puts you in control.

The app also offers the possibility to receive notifications to make sure you are informed about important events. Whether it’s a low battery condition or a change in location, the emost app will keep you informed.

Ready for use.





The list of advantages of emost Butler is long

Efficiency and cost savings

A sustainable and economical solution

  • Reduced operating costs: The emost Butler S eliminates the need for diesel fuel, resulting in significant cost savings. No more expensive refueling or maintenance.
  • Energy efficiency: With its smart battery technology, the emost Butler S offers optimized energy distribution so that power consumption is efficiently controlled. This maximizes energy use and avoids unnecessary consumption.

Environmental friendliness and sustainability

For a clean future

  • Zero emissions: Unlike diesel generators, the emost Butler S produces zero harmful emissions. It operates entirely electrically and uses renewable energy, contributing to a significant reduction in its carbon footprint.
  • Reduce air pollution: Using the emost Butler S improves air quality by not emitting harmful exhaust gases. This is especially beneficial in urban areas or enclosed spaces.

Noise reduction and comfort

Work and live without noise pollution

  • Silent operation: The emost Butler S operates quietly and produces no disturbing noise compared to noisy diesel generators. This creates pleasant working and living environments without noise pollution.
  • Quiet for residents and workers: The silent operation of the emost Butler S eliminates unwanted noise pollution, improving the quality of life for residents and increasing productivity in the workplace.

Reliability and performance

Continuous power supply without compromise

  • Independence from fuel replenishment: The emost Butler S provides reliable power supply without the need to refill diesel fuel. It is always ready for use and provides continuous power, even in remote areas.
  • Adaptability to load requirements: The emost Butler S can be flexibly adapted to different load requirements. It intelligently adapts to the energy demand and always supplies the right amount of power without wasting unnecessary energy.

Safety and highest standards

Protection and reliability

  • Minimization of fire and explosion risks: The use of battery technology eliminates potential risks of fires and explosions that can occur with diesel generators.
  • Compliance with strict safety standards: The emost Butler S meets the highest safety standards and norms to ensure safe operation. You can rely on its reliability.

Ease of maintenance and simple handling

Time and effort saving

  • Less maintenance: Compared to diesel generators, the emost Butler S requires less maintenance. There is no need for oil changes, filter cleanings or other time-consuming maintenance procedures.
  • Intuitive operation and remote monitoring: The emost Butler S is easy to operate and can even be monitored remotely. With intelligent functions and user-friendliness, it offers convenient and efficient use.

Wide range of applications

Flexibility for different requirements

  • Construction sites: The emost Butler S is ideal for use on construction sites to provide reliable power for machinery, lighting systems and other equipment. It enables an efficient and environmentally friendly energy supply for construction projects of any kind.
  • Events: From festivals to concerts to trade shows, the emost Butler S provides a reliable and environmentally friendly power supply for stages, food service areas and other event spaces.
  • Mobile charging stations: The emost Butler S is perfect as a mobile charging station for e-bikes, car sharing services and other applications. It enables fast and sustainable charging of electric vehicles at various locations.

Promotion of the energy turnaround and future-proof investment

Shape the future

  • Transforming the energy industry: The emost Butler S is an important contribution to the energy transition. By choosing the emost Butler S, you support the development of a sustainable and electrified energy supply.
  • Investment in the future: The emost Butler S is a future-proof investment. It opens up new business opportunities and enables you to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly energy supply.

Your chance

With the emost Butler S you have a superior alternative to diesel generators. Enjoy the benefits of efficiency, environmental friendliness, noise reduction, reliability, safety, ease of use, versatility and future-proof investment. Discover the new era of energy supply and choose emost as your reliable partner for sustainable energy solutions.

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